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Behaviour Problems Resolved

Behavioral problems are problems in so far as they disrupt the equilibrium of a child’s success. Aiding children in gaining self-mastery over their impulses is never an easy task but steps can be taken to help children grow in these areas. Each conflict offers an opportunity for a solution, a chance for children to learn how to function positively with others and with themselves. LittleLearner is here to help parents and teachers find the best ways to cope with and facilitate a greater understanding of self and others in the children they teach.


Behavioral problems are on the rise in preschoolers such as “prolonged tantrums, physical and verbal aggression, disruptive vocal and motor behavior, property destruction, self-injury, noncompliance, and withdrawal.” It was found in the Yale Child Study Center that U.S. preschoolers are three times more likely to be expelled from their classrooms than students in grades K-12.

Behavioral problems can be related to many things but parents and teachers must take into consideration that this is the time when many children first enter into a school setting. For children this is a huge milestone in their lives. School is not only a place for children to begin learning about others but of themselves as well. Children at this age need to have a well-thought-out classroom environment if they are to be successful. They need structure and boundaries they need to feel secure and supported.

Parents and teachers always must first look very closely at a child’s environment when considering the root of early childhood behavioural problems. Parents and teachers must provide the necessary tools and guidance to aid children to positively relate to their peers and in communication. First look at the environment, then the child. The environment, whether it is in school or at home – is the best way to observe. Quite often, not enough time is spent on the environment – this is an assured way to begin sorting out a course of action. Busy hands are happy hands and that is why providing a rich classroom with interesting and attractive materials is essential. Preschool-age children love to work and keep busy and they look to us to provide them with opportunities for learning.

Teachers and parents can purchase materials at LittleLearner for easy download and printing. From these purchases educators can create their own materials. Instructions are included on how to use and assemble.

Print out bingo cards for group games, language materials for pre-reading and reading, tracing worksheets, coloring and cutting worksheets, vocabulary cards, social skills activities, art project ideas, month-long lesson plans from every subject area and more.

Little Learner materials are at an affordable price and will allow teachers to produce more and fresh materials throughout the year. Spend more time teaching and introducing new and exciting materials to keep those little hands busy! Set aside prepping materials on weekends and holidays and on spending too much money at school-supply stores. Bringing everything preschool to you for an organized, exciting classroom environment for your children.

Learn how to identify behavioral problems in children, their causes and their remedies. Keep problems at bay by keeping children interested and excited with hands-on materials created just for you and your class.