Preschool Music Lesson Plans and Ideas

Why should music be an important part of the preschool classroom? For a few reasons, research shows that children who are actively involved in music do better in reading and math, are better able to focus and control their bodies, play better with others and have higher self-esteem.

Moving, singing and hearing music provides children with a rich sensory environment, one of the most important roles of the teacher or the parent. By providing this kind of environment the pathways within a child’s brain between the cells is developed and neural connections.

Develop a repertoire of songs to sing with your children. Use sing-a-long songs, experiment with instruments, play sound identification games and dance and move with movement games with music. Teach about beats and tempo, about how to make them with objects, hands or feet and even use props like scarves for dancing and to mimic the rise and fall of high and low pitches.

Make musical instruments together with seeds, beans, rice or other small objects inside plastic containers, plastic bottles and film canisters. Make guitars with rubber bands and shoe boxes, use coffee cans or oatmeal containers to make drums.