Early Childhood Education

Types of preschool education

Do all these different fancy names for preschool education keep you scratching your head? Core Knowledge? Waldorf? Montessori? HighScope?

Over the last decade the world has grown increasingly complex with specializations in just about every field. Even preschool sounds complicated these days with varying teaching approaches already out there and more popping up all the time.

You don't need to go back to school just to figure out what the best pedagogical approach for your child is. Let Little Learner give you the short and sweet recap of your early childhood education choices.

Providing you, the educator, with the bare bones of early childhood education with links to delve deeper into each approach as you find interest. Although this site is primarily a place for purchasing preschool materials, it is also a site striving to provide helpful and thorough details on all things related to young children as far as learning and teaching.