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For every motivated preschool teacher out there, excited to give the little people in their lives fun, challenging and engaging activities to work with - strives to meet those needs with fresh classroom materials, lesson plans and printables coming out all the time.

LittleLearner is a site specific to the preschool-aged child, ranging in age between 3 to 6 years old. Read helpful news and views on early childhood education here, get links to other important ECE sites, all in addition to lesson plans, printable classroom materials, book lists, thematic units, printable games, printable art projects, language and mathematic worksheets, alphabet wall charts, and the list continues.

With all the mass of materials on the web today, rather than hop from one site to another, we hope you will find all that you need, like and want in our one-stop shop for all things preschool.

Let’s face it, teaching is hard enough as it is and then throw into it all the time it takes to get ready to start teaching! The minutes we spend preparing as teachers adds up and sometimes the task is just too daunting as we watch the hours fly by! Organization is one of the most important keys to success as a teacher and managing it well!! LittleLearner gives teachers a helping hand with classroom materials, lesson plans and thematic units, available for immediate download and print. Save time and energy yet all the while receive the kind of quality materials that match up to the gold standards you hold for your own classroom.

Children at this age are hands-on and that is why the teacher must constantly be giving their students materials to manipulate.  We are constantly creating fresh materials and lesson plans on our website to coordinate with a myriad of academic subjects. We strive to give the teacher time back on the weekends, more sleep in the mornings, less late nights in the evenings, all for more concentrated and effective time in the classroom! 

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