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Important Autism-Related Data & Resources

Setting out to teach children with autism, no matter where a child falls on the spectrum takes time and patience. Learning about autism requires educating yourself and those around you. The data and information out there can be daunting and confusing, particularly if you have a child in your care with autism and you are trying to help at the same time you are learning too. Compiling information, good books, teaching tools and building the stamina and know-how to how to help these types of learners takes work, but you can do it!

Little Learner is working to help parents and educators to do the best they can, in and out of the classroom, to offer the know-how to help!

Aiding children on the autistic-spectrum varies greatly from child to child. To begin with, before parents and teachers can begin to offer services and help to autism-related diseases, identifying children with these types of learning challenges can be a difficult task as well.

We are all continually hearing more and more about autism in the news, in the classrooms, from our friends, from professionals and in our own dealings with children. In March of 2012, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their most up-to-date rates of autism in the United States. It is now said that 1 out of 88, eight-year-old children (1 out of 54 boys and 1 out of 252 girls) are autistic.

There are many debates and discussions as to why autism has become such a crisis in the United States. There are many theories and evidence for why autism is on the rise – the CDC data shows an astounding 78% increase in rates from 2002 to 2008.

In the meantime, until these causes are identified and discovered, everyone from parents to educators must become educated and aware to aid these children and their families.

Little Learner is here for you, with helpful book recommendations, information, current research, articles, and hand-made teacher materials for the classroom. We strive to provide resources for parents, families, teachers and youngsters with disability-specific solutions and help children with autism and other disorders. Every child deserves our help and love and educating ourselves is the first step in every journey. For all little learners everywhere, LittleLearner sets the stage to help you on your way.