Lesson plans about life on Earth

The study of geography, a good geograpy curriculum for young children generally begins with themselves. A proper geography introduction should begin with first helping children to find themselves in space - which is right, which is left, directions like North, South, East and West. A successful geography curriculum for preschoolers moves from the concrete to the more abstract, it make sense to then move onto the city they live in, the state, the country, and finally, to look even further, to the planet they live on - Earth.

There are many aspects to studying about Earth, the geographical aspects, the cosmic aspects, the geology of the Earth, the organisims that inhabit Earth, the Layers of the Earth and more. Geology, geography, space - the study of the Earth is multi-faceted and crosses over varying academic subjects from science to ecology to cosmology. Incorporate reading, writing, science, and many other into a rich geography curriculum creating a thorough Earth thematic Unit. Units like these can be purchased here at an affordable rate from daily to weekly to monthly lesson plans.

Creating murals of Earth for the classroom, exploring with globes and maps, using clay to create spheres to represent Earth and to wrap layers around it, these are all exciting and popular ways to bring the idea of the Earth into the child's environment. It is impossible to study about the Earth without moving onto the Moon, the Planets, the Milky Way Galaxy, Suns and Stars and Space Travel. Often this movement in the curriculum from the study of the Earth just naturally flows into the study of space and its bodies. It is an excing and favorable unit of study for children, one of the favorites.

Purchase materials here for download and to print from activities for circle times to lists of songs and games to printable worksheets and colouring sheets all related to the Earth. Visitors to LittleLearner can take note of an entire, month-long curriculum about Ecology, mostly focusing on the animals that live on the Earth and endangered animals. It is a great jump into spreading the ideas of what it means to be stewards of the Earth. There is no better time to bring in the study of ecology and of the importance the Earth plays in our lives than in early childhood. From the streams to the lakes, from the mountains to the seas - the Earth gives life to all biological processes and systems of life. Ecosystems and the living organisims, bring awareness of the importance that we all play in the preservation of the Earth and more with Earth-thematic lesson plans.