Travel to other worlds with planet units

It's perhaps one of the most delightful subjects for the young child, the study of planets. As abstract as it is for a young child to understand the concept of planets per se, learning the planets that are in our solar system is very exciting for a child. It can be learned through song, from visual aids like picture books or posters. Hands-on materials are useful like globes and spherical-shaped objects. Science experiemtents are always exciting as well as learning the phases of the moon. Learning details about each planet is equally interesting for a young child and what each planet is composed of. It is best to start with the concept of the Earth we live on and then moving out farther into the universe. Space travel, rockets, the sun, the moon, again, are fascinating and fun elements to bring into the preschool classroom. Creating murals on the walls, mobiles, are also great ways to bring a classroom to life with visuals. Little Learner enjoys providing teachers and parents with downloadable and printable materials that teachers can use to create more hands-on learning activities and lessons. Keep the universe alive with fresh and engaging materials for easy download and access at an affordable rate to keep those kiddos interested and having fun learning.