Thematic book lists for preschool children

Generally each month, most preschool teachers focus on one or two themes exclusively. In addition to teaching the basics:  mathematics, language and science - most teachers incorporate a particular unit of study. It could be about dinosaurs, the solar system or the human body, whatever teachers have chosen as a classroom theme, Little Learner is here to guide and suggest the most helpful and exciting books for every possible theme. Return back to the site for new thematic units being added all the time. Book lists include topics and information about animals, places, family, feelings, special needs, the Eerth, weather, transportation and many others.

Thematic book lists include picture books, books mainly with nformation text, chapter books and even ibooks to give you the teacher more ideas on how to teach that particular subject. Books are one of the greatest resources in the classroom and a loved way to learn. Other types of books that are included in our lists are books on tape. Many children enjoy listening to books on tape that include interesting sounds and various voices to engage children. Some books on tape even include songs and ideas for circle games.

Whether you are planning on turning your classroom into a jungle or into a space station - having book lists handy for teaching are an invaluable resource. Read reviews on books and get directed to where to find those books and how to purchase them. We hope to make teaching easier for teachers whether visiting the library or suggesting books to be included in the school budget, we have many to suggest.