Studying Life Cycles of Plants & Animals


Bringing life cycle topics into the classroom at the beginning of the spring season is a great way to begin a unit about growth and rebirth. Whether getting those seeds out to start teaching about how a plant grows or putting in that mail order to hatch butterflies this summer – learning about life cycles is important. Young children love learning about the world they live in and life cycles are a wonderful way to help children feel connected and in synch with their world.

Life cycle lesson plans can be integrated into other units like Botany and Zoology. Current life cycle materials offered at LittleLearner are Life Cycle Posters featuring:

The Life Cycle of a Plant

The Life Cycle of an Amphibian (Frog)

The Life Cycle of a Bird (Chicken)

The Life Cycle of a Mammal (Dog)

The Life Cycle of an Insect (Butterfly)