Pink Level Curriculum Montessori


After children have finished learning their letter sounds, the Montessori method of word building is a very effective way to move children into reading. This set includes a total of 60 picture cards and 60 words that children can read and match. The moveable alphabet letters are included so children can begin first by moving and manipulating letters to create words. Teachers can place different objects in baskets to place out one at a time and then to build words with to make the activity a more concrete activity. Once children have finished using objects they can move on to or directly start with matching and reading word cards to pictures. A book can be compiled and recorded as to which words have been learned, grouped into vowel pages with a vowel page for all 5 vowels. Letters are in pink and vowels are in blue to isolate the vowels from the consonates. This is a fun and effective way for children to word build and move into reading with 2 and 3 letter word building. Helpful information and instructions are included. Finally word lists are also included will each list focusing on one vowel sound at a time, for instance, a 'o' vowel list will be comprised of all those 2 and 3 letter words included in the set for picture and word matching. The materials can be printed out in either colour or in black and white.